Frog Prince

(Gameplay of Frog Prince)

Frog Prince is a first person shooter platform game. The game takes place in a pond controlled by evil frogs and you must shoot them with your squirt gun to save the pond from their evil influence. Evil frogs attempt to push you into the water to your death as you use your mighty water gun to fight back! In the end, you must defeat the Evil Frog King and take your rightful place on top Frog Rock!

I assisted with the design and aesthetics of the game in a small 3-man team over the course of  6 weeks. Much of the consideration behind the game came down to scope. There wasn’t much time to create unnecessary assets or technology that ultimately wouldn’t be used. Additionally, the design of the game needed to be fairly easy to produce, a quick and easy game to learn, and fun.

The way we went about creating this was utilizing Sean Hupka‘s engine that he had built shortly prior to the project. The engine had been built from a first person perspective, had the ability to create visually appealing water, and we also had a 3D water gun model asset that Sean had created. These were used as the foundation for the game and really influenced how the game was going to thematically play out. I worked with the team to create interesting mechanics such as having to suck-up water (the element that could also kill you) to reload your water gun’s ammo. I also designed the user interface and  HUD aspects, such as the ridicule, which slowly stops spinning the less ammo you have. After we got the core elements of the game down, I worked with the team to develop the environment mood and feeling, which was sparked from Sean’s firefly he had done to demonstrate lighting and pathing. The frog theme came to be, because honestly, we just all loved frogs.

We put the game in front of play testers every week and received solid feedback that allowed us to improve the gameplay and find other technological issues. While we knew that the project was going to end at 6 weeks, we received an ample amount of feedback noting that they could see the game becoming a much larger scoped game, and would ask us what our plans were for the future. While we had to break their heart and tell them the project was going to end, we were really proud of the fact that so many people were excited about the game and wanted to see more.


~ by rhickman-design on December 28, 2011.