Starfall (Board Game)

Starfall is a board game that supports up to 6 players, where the objective of the game is outlast your opponents while trying to trap them in walls. Each star is a different color, and each color has their own unique ability. In addition to rolling a 1d6 movement die, you also roll a 1d6 color die. If the color you roll is your own, you can use your star’s ability that turn. If the color you roll is not your own, then the owner of that color may place a wall onto the field before the turn holder performs their action.

My main goal when designing this game was to make something that was casual and easy to understand, but also provokes competitive and team play. Ironically, when I was testing the game, adults tended to play for themselves, and actually had very little trust in temporary alliances. However, when kids aging from 7-14 played, they worked together to take out the biggest threat, while also working in sub-teams for a longer end-game strategy. I found that incredibly eye-opening and made games really interesting when there was a mix of adults and kids.

**You can view the Rules & Manual to Starfall here.


~ by rhickman-design on December 28, 2011.