Flash Development Index

Please click a link below to view a Flash project. I highly recommend  full screen mode when  viewing the projects from the hosting site.

>> Engine – Colored Coin Mania!

Utilizing a component based grid engine, developed a basic platformer, with the objective being to collect all the coins while not getting destroyed by falling meteors. Uses a particle system that takes in a texture as its display. Spacebar to start the game from the title screen. Once in the game, WASD to move and Spacebar to jump around in alternate gravity. Have fun!

>> Particle System

Developed a Particle System that could generate various patterns through an algorithm using exclusively colored pixels. No art or textures were used. Pixels get smeared as they travel along their generated path. Pixels have a random lifetime.

>> Combo Calculator

Designed, developed, and artistically created a themed calculator in the spirit of an arcade fighting game. Use the given numbers to “combo” into ones that are unavailable (i.e. – 3 + 6 = 9). The joystick changes the operation and the coin slot performs a clear. Have fun!

>> Haunted Creature Pong

Designed, developed, and artistically created a themed pong game with fun paddle creatures that you would expect to see in an old wooden haunted house. Exclusively a 2 Player game. To play, each player clicks on the image of the paddle they want to play as (the feedback is a little lack luster for the selections, and for that I apologize). Once you’ve selected, right-click the flash application and select “Forward”. Your paddles will be selected and the game immediately begins! There is no point total victory.

>> Westworld HUD

Designed and implemented a basic shooter HUD for an imaginary “Westworld” shooter game. The mouse will move the gun, left clicking will make a shooting sound, and mouse wheel will change the weapon type icon. Esc will bring a WoW-style menu. This was used to get my feet wet with working in Flash and ActionScript 3.0.


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