Written Documents

Deity Chain Rift Systems (10 – 23 – 2011)

*Created late in the project to help develop a more finalized system for the ability “Chain Rift”. The team used this document as a starting point for a new system, and implemented the Node System. This eventually evolved into the current system used in Deity today.

Deity Vision Guide – (06 – 23 – 2011)

*Created after a major design change in the way the game was played. Primarily created to help define the core concepts enemies, focused abilities, mechanics, and various systems in a stealth-oriented environment.

Deity Progressive GDD (03 – 25 – 2011)

*As the team was working towards a defined game, it was important to revisit all aspects of the game and come together on a shared vision. In this writing, I documented everything that had been discussed as a team, as well as providing more details to work from. This was also the very first pass at enemies. In retrospect, I probably should have used a cleaner font choice, but at the time, the team found it fun to read and really set the mood for the game.

First Deity GDD – (01 – 16 – 2011)

*Created at the beginning of the project to set the general game concept. This document mainly focused on exploratory mechanics, abilities, and systems. I asked our gameplay programmer, Chris Mingus, to create the abilities that sounded the most fun and most feasible to do technologically. Shadow Rift, Anguish, and Dark Emissary were the first 3 abilities ever created. Oblivion would later manifest as the bullet-time effect during Chain Rift.

Mega Ninja Pirate Mice: Pirates vs. Ninjas [Facebook] GDD (05 – 16 – 2010)

*Created as an idealized Facebook game with an imaginary IP from an animated series. Exercise primarily in documentation and use of navigation wireframes to convey ideas. In this particular case, the core of the game that I designed was centered around Player vs. Player (PvP) interaction with more social influences in terms of factions and small teams. 

Starfall Rules (04 – 18 – 2009)

*Rules and manual for the board game Starfall.